Home for Refugees invites faith groups and community groups to engage in the work of refugee resettlement to address the global refugee crisis, and it seeks to create an effective model that can easily be replicated in every community.

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Our Mission

To empower refugees to sustain new homes, find new hope, and fully experience life.

Our Vision

For every refugee to have a home that supports safety, freedom, and dignity.

Guiding Belief

Within every city where a refugee family resettles exists the resources to help them find a place to call home through the support of their new community.

Current refugee referral agencies are doing amazing work within their set limitations. They are regulated by government policy, limited by federal funding, and dependent on the ebbs and flows of refugees allowed into the United States. As a result, as many families that are greatly helped through the refugee referral agencies, there is still much work to be done for there are many more families left to navigate a new culture and complex societal systems on their own, leaving them feeling powerless and once again lost. That’s where we come in to help. Home for Refugees seeks to fill this gap by establishing partnerships between refugee referral agencies, refugee families, and the community, to ensure complete societal integration, to create relational, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment, and to establish life-long friendships.”
— Minda Schweizer, Executive Director

What We are able to achieve

  • Help locate and sustain the core basic needs for each refugee family we partner with, starting with housing, health care, schools and education, and employment.

  • Provide pathways for people in the United States and our newly arrived refugee neighbors to become life-long friends.

  • Create opportunities to meet the growing desire of faith groups, community groups, and individuals to help in the resettlement of refugee families.

  • Support Home Teams who will collaborate with refugee families to achieve their family resettlement goals.

  • Respond quickly to the unique needs of a refugee family at any stage, whether they have been here one day or one year.

  • See refugees achieve complete independence and become vital contributors to their communities.