guided by the christian faith

  • Every human is made with dignity in the image of God.
  • Respectful awareness that God has been present and active in the lives of each refugee family since the beginning.
  • Led by the way and teachings of Jesus to encourage peace, healing, and wholeness.
  • Prayer as important tool for human transformation and justice.
  • Belief that within every city where a refugee family resettles exists the resources to help them find a place to call home through the support of their new community.
  • Volunteers from any or no religious faith are welcomed to be involved.
  • Refugee families from any or no religious faith are welcomed into our program.

CARING volunteer teams as OUR method

  • Creates consistent team of advocates for the refugee family who are familiar with the refugee family's situation and dynamics when relating to the state social services, the school system, and the health system.
  • Provides American friends for cultural companions. Through friendship, team members serve as cultural companions to help the refugee family understand the American culture and ways of doing things when making decisions in a different culture.
  • Opens up more available community resources through personal connections to help with refugee resettlement each time a new volunteer team forms.
  • Provides relational opportunities for bridges to be built between cultures and religious faiths of the refugee family and the team members, especially between the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths, coming together under the common cause of humanity.

Holistic Approach to Well-Being

Partnerships with professionals in the community to encourage occupational, spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness during the resettlement process.

  • Professional Partnerships:
    • Home for Refugees, in partnership with Rainbow Bridge Music Studio, has developed a music therapy program called Housewarmings. The main purpose of Housewarmings is to help newly arrived refugees through an integrated music therapy approach to ease the aches of adaptation to their new home country. Music is a powerful tool that has a dual nature—it is universal and culture-specific at the same time. Music is a part of every culture on the globe, and it is different in every culture. Music is communicative in its nature and has a primal connection to language. Music promotes dialog, exploration and collaboration that goes beyond verbal communication.
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