It all started with...

the desire to offer a very tangible blessing to refugees throughout the year. PEACEpresents is a fantastic project to experience the joy of giving, to help build relationships with families, to provide for essential items and to build awareness of the needs of refugees within our communities. 

A faith group, community group, business, or individual will be matched with a family that does not have a Home Team working with them. Home for Refugees will take an inventory of some of the family's specific needs, and the group/individual will gather donations and purchase items that match some or all of those needs. They we will then plan a time to meet with the family, and then offer the gift of PEACE through this tangible expression of love. 



    Our hope is to see many groups make a commitment to this highly rewarding program, and recognize it as a way to care for some of the most overlooked members of our communities.

    The Process

    PEACEpresents begins when a member registers his/her group for the program with the support of the group leader(s). Once a group is registered, the process works like this:

    • Coordinate with a family: Home for Refugees will meet with the refugee family/individual, work with them to come up with a list of practical needs.
    • Meet with the sponsoring group: Home for Refugees will meet with the sponsoring group leader and group members for instructions and training.
    • Set up a meeting date: Home for Refugees, in partnership with the group leader, will set up a meeting time with the family. We encourage this to be a time of connection, where the group and the refugee family/individual can mutually share stories and ask each other questions. Some ideas would be to meet at a park or a home to share appetizers or a meal. 
    • Gift purchase and the day of the event: With guidance from Home for Refugees, groups purchase, wrap, plan, and participate in the event together—and most important, have fun!