Olga Samsonova-Jellison, MA, MT-BC, NM


Olga Samsonova-Jellison, MA, MT-BC, NMT is a Board Certified Music Therapist. She holds two masters degrees: one master's degree in Education Psychology from Russia and a second Master of Art in Music Therapy with a Counseling Emphasis from St. Mary-of-the-Woods College in Indiana. Olga’s graduate research at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College was focused on immigration, acculturation, and music therapy. Being a naturalized American citizen herself, Olga is personally familiar with the complexity of adaptation process to the new life in the new home country.

HOUSEWARMINGS – Home for Refugees in partnership with Rainbow Bridge Music Studio has developed a music therapy program called Housewarmings. The main purpose of Housewarmings is to help newly arrived refugees through an integrated music therapy approach to ease the aches of adaptation to their new home country. Music is a powerful tool that has a dual nature—it is universal and culture-specific at the same time. Music is a part of every culture on the Globe, and it is different in every culture. Music is communicative in its nature and has a primal connection to language. Music promotes dialog, exploration and collaboration that goes beyond verbal communication.


Olga is a published author. You can find her work here:

Article: "Response to The Cultural Integrity of a Music Therapist in Analytical Music Therapy-Oriented Supervision (AMTOS)." In Voices: A Forum for Music Therapy, July 24, 2013. https://voices.no/community/?q=content/response-cultural-integrity-music-therapist-analytical-music-therapy-oriented-supervision-am

Book: Music Therapy for Multisensory and Body Awareness in Children and Adults with Severe to Profound Multiple Disabilities: The MuSense Manual. Written in co-authorship with Roberta S. Adler, MT-BC. https://www.amazon.com/MuSense-Program-Development-Multisensory-Disabilities/dp/1785927361